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Detailed instructions for each feature in the dashboard application.


Customise Your Check-In Branding

The Advance Branding you choose here will also be used for your Advance Emails that you guest will receive throughout…
18th June 2019

Message Branding

Here you can create different branding templates to cater for all your messages you send to your guests.
18th June 2019

Organise Your Message Workflows

Here you can create your workflow templates which consist of a group of messages. Define the order, add delays in…
18th June 2019




My Account

Connected Services



Property Guides

Adding, editing and removing any property guides across your properties.
18th July 2019

All Properties

Select a property from the list  to view and amend the content your guests can see.
18th July 2019



When a user requests a service, their order will appear here until you have responded to it, or it is…
18th April 2019

My Services

Using the Services feature you can set up services to sell to your guests in your homes via YourWelcome's built-in…
18th April 2019


Survey Groups

Here you can create Tablet Survey Groups, which allow you to select which surveys will be shown on your properties.…
18th May 2019


Below you will find the settings for your Tablet Surveys. To add surveys to your properties, first create them here,…
18th May 2019


Screensavers are a good way to keep your guests engaged with the tablet at all times.
18th May 2019


Sharing a list of local places with your guests is easy - add your favourite cafes, bars, restaurants and local…
18th May 2019

Tablet Branding

As a pro-host user, you can customise your YourWelcome tablet by changing our default colour scheme to your company’s own…
18th May 2019

Terms & Conditions

Adding different Terms and Conditions to different properties.
18th May 2019

Check-in Screens

You can add different check-in screens for different properties.
18th May 2019

Welcoming Your Guest

We’ve designed a number of features to help you welcome your guests and capture valuable contact information. With its screensaver…
Rachael Woollard
10th May 2019

Home Screen Banners

These can be particularly great way of  catching your guests attention and highlighting any services, partnerships, or discounts they can…
3rd May 2019