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We’ve designed a number of features to help you welcome your guests and capture valuable contact information.

With its screensaver displaying a personalised greeting, the YourWelcome tablet is often the first thing your guests see.

New branding template

Welcome message and video is located on the individual property.

Adding a welcome message

New branding template

You can add a personalised message for each of your properties

This message is seen by all guests and sits on the 1st page of the check-in sequence. We’ve added some default text that explains what the tablet does, but I’d recommend overwriting this with your own message.

Welcome video

This video is shown at the end of the check-in sequence, after they have successfully checked in. This can be different for each property, but I’d suggest filming one as a default that simply introduces who you are, a little about the local area and to let them know that all the info they need can be found on the device.

Watch this great example by Kelly at Airhost For You, in Brighton.

Step 2: Property Guides