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Submit A Bug Report


We’re incredibly proud of our platform and have strived to build the most flexible solution we can to cater for customers with any size property portfolio. Due to the flexible nature of the platform and the fact that we can pull in custom fields from various PMS partners it’s inevitable that occasional bugs will spring up.

Our team of developers are here to help and will prioritise fixing any bugs as soon as we’re aware of them. 

With regards to YourWelcome Tablets, most issues can be solved by ensuring you’re running the latest Tablet OS version. Read how to update your tablet here.

For any issues you cant troubleshoot yourself please submit a bug report by email to: bugreport @

If its a physical issue with the tablet (such as a smashed screen) please see this page about replacement devices.

For all software related issues, a great bug report always contains the following essential parts:

  1. Summary
  2. Setup
  3. Steps to reproduce
  4. Expected result
  5. Actual result

If you’re feeling especially helpful, one additional part is always appreciated:

6. Additional notes

Read the breakdown (from the left menu) of the above 6 items or skip to the template section.

💬  If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or use our contact form here.