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Home Using the PropertyCare Tasks App

Using the PropertyCare Task App

Learn how to claim, track and manage assigned tasks from the YourWelcome and PropertyCare platform. Select how you access your tasks and learn the best solution for you.

First time using the app? Start here to get an overview before diving deeper.

Learn about accepting invites and logging in, in these basic but key tutorials.

Find out about what is where and what our menu icons mean in the app.

Understand what your tasks look like and how the information is laid out.

The selected task pages have different layouts based on what your assignee chose, learn more here.

Whether it’s just a tickbox or requires photos, dates or comments, learn about completing tasks.

Not all tasks are assigned, some require claiming, understand how this process works.

Keep in the loop and learn to manage how you’re informed about your tasks.

Here you’ll find out about setting your profile and password and how to reach out for support if needed.

Pricing Plans & Upgrading

Anything we’ve forgotten?

Our team is here to give you support available when you need it. Let us know if we’ve not explained anything and we’ll respond with more detail.