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Submit A Bug Report

Submit A Bug Report


Here is a breakdown of the elements that make a good bug report. The closer your report sticks to this, the more easily and therefore more quickly we’ll be able to release an update that fixes the bug.


A one (or maybe two) sentence, high-level description of the problem. This is almost like the subject line of an email.


In this section, please tell us what tools you’re using.

– If its a tablet bug, please let us know: 

    1. the model of tablet that you have (this is written on the back of the tablet and is usually in the format YW100, YW110, YW120 etc). 
    2. What build number of the app you have on the tablet (visible in the bottom left corner of the tablet)

– If its a dashboard issue, please let us know:

    1. Whether you’re using a Mac or a PC 
    2. What operating system is on that Mac or PC ie Windows XP, Windows 10, MacOS 10.14, MacOS 10.15 etc),
    3. We’ll also need to know what web browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc and ideally the version of the browser).

– If its a message related issue, please let us know:

    1. Which platform you’re viewing the message on ie Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS etc
    2. The hardware device (make and model) you’re using. (like iPhone 12, Asus X509F, 2021 MacBook Air etc)
    3. The OS version you’re using. (like iOS 13.2, or OS X 10.14.1)
    4. The specific version of the app you’re using. Include build numbers if possible. (like Version 14 (3654., or TextMate version 2.019)


This is the most important part. Please, break the issue down into a specific numbered list of steps that always (or at least sometimes) reproduces the problem.
Here’s an example:

  1. Visit in any browser listed in SETUP above. See normal “Services” page appear.
  2. Click “Add New” button. See first text entry area. Type “hello world” in compose text area etc…


Sometimes the desired outcome you expect is not obvious to our team. Just to be safe, spell it out here in one short sentence or phrase. For example, “I would expect this to load the URL I entered in that property guide.”


This is what you’ve been waiting for. Here’s your chance to describe what is actually going wrong. Please make this section as long and detailed as you like. Since you’ve already provided a numbered list of steps to reproduce the problem, you’re now free to explain (or complain!) all you like about what’s going wrong. The more detailed this is, the more likely we’ll be able to fix it swiftly so please don’t hold back…

And finally, the optional part:


If you’re feeling especially helpful, fee free to provide additional info here. For example, if you know what version of the tablet app or the OS this issue first appeared in, please mention that here.

If you’re reporting a bug in the dashboard, did you try to reproduce it in multiple browsers? (That’s always a great idea, BTW.) Great! Please tell us about it here.

…and that’s all… It seems like a lot, so we really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Next you’ll find a template containing the headers for the above to hopefully get you started more quickly. Please copy and paste this into an email (or your bug reporting software of choice!) and start from there. That’s it! Thanks for reading, and though we hope you don’t have to contact us about bugs we do appreciate the heads up, so thanks from us and all of our customers who will benefit… 🙂

💬  If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or use our contact form here.