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Data Collection & GDPR


YourWelcome is a powerful tool for collecting contact details and analytical information from your guests. When handling sensitive information like this, it’s important to let your guests know what happens to their data.

GDPR Compliance

We’ve introduced tools to help you become fully compliant with GDPR; enabling you to succinctly explain what data you’re capturing, how it’s stored and who your Data Protection Officer (DPO) is.

To find out how YourWelcome stores guest data, please read our blog about GDPR compliance.

Data Collection List

We’ve updated the Terms & Conditions screen on the tablet to make it explicitly clear how we use your guest’s data, and how it is stored. You can now add a list of each individual data point that you collect and store, along with your custom terms and conditions. Each bullet point in the list contains 3 fields:

  • Header: What you’re capturing
  • Description: How you’re using it
  • Storage Length: The length of time that you plan to store this data, before it is destroyed

Guests must review & agree to your list to complete their check-in.

You can update this setting via the Settings screen in the YourWelcome dashboard.

Data Protection Officer

At the bottom of the Settings screen in the YourWelcome dashboard you are able to add the contact details of your Data Protection Officer. This is visible to guests on the Terms & Conditions screen of the check-in process.

What Your Guest Sees

We suggest that you go through the check-in process to view the screens in place.