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Instant Messaging

This guide will enable you to set up the “chat” feature for each of your properties. Using instant-messaging built in to the tablet app, guests will be able to communicate with you and your team – sharing messages and pictures.

To achieve this, we have built an integration with Slack.

Add the YourWelcome app to your Workspace – tap the button above.

Slack enables Instant Messaging between your YourWelcome tablet and (almost*) any device.

You can find a full list of downloads here.

Set-Up Guides

What Is Slack?

Watch a video to find out more about the messaging app for professional teams.

Learn More →

Download Slack

Download the Slack app for any device.

Download Now →

Connect & Enable Slack

Follow these instructions to get your Workspace set up and enable Slack for your properties.

Read Guide →

Communicating With Guests

Learn what you can do with Slack and how to communicate with your guests.

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Manage Notifications

Configure your notifications, so you never miss a message.

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Manage Your Team

Invite members of your team to join your Slack workspace.

Coming Soon