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Offer guests convenient services that they can order through the tablet and earn more from every booking. Take advantage of YourWelcome’s built-in eCommerce platform to start taking card payments directly from guests.

Guests book and pay through the app – there’s no need to amend their booking, or rely on cash.

New Requests & Approvals

Learn how to set up services that require approval & how to deal with inbound requests.

Enable Requests

Learn how to set up services that require approval.

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How To Approve Requests

Find out how to deal with inbound requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Set Up Your Services

Learn the basics – start here to find out how to set up a service on the YourWelcome platform.

Create a Service

Step-by-step instructions for setting up services on the YourWelcome platform.

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Products & Pricing

Learn more about product variants and how to set them up.

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From late check-outs to breakfast menus – learn how to set up specific products from these popular examples.

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Our support team are happy to help you get set up & selling. Tap the button below to book a free video consultation with a member of the team