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This branding guide will enable you to start customising our platform to suit your business.

Why do I need branding?

The dashboard initially has our default brand consisting of a YourWelcome colour scheme and logos, but you can change this to your company logo (and up to four colours) to personalise your guest offer. You can reset the branding back to our default at any time.

What sort of images will I need?

For images, PNG files are preferable (as they can include a transparent background) although high-quality JPEG files can also be used. Image dimensions are always width by height (so 300px x 200px means 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall), and should always be in RGB format.

How do I add new colours?

Colours are defined in hexadecimal format using six numbers (a six letter/ number combination, for example #FF0057).

Can I customise my email messaging further?

In addition to logo and colours, some Advance email customisation (such as adding social media links and custom images) is possible.

Check-in Logo (for Tablets): This logo is shown above the welcome text on the first page of the check-in process. Size: 300 x 200px.
Sidebar Logo (for Tablets): This logo appears on the top of your sidebar, as well as the bottom of the screensaver. Size: 300 x 200px.
Colour Palette (for Tablets):There are multiple places your company colours can appear on the tablet. In total, you’ll need four colours:

Main Brand Colour

Section Background Colour

Check-in Logo (for Advance): This logo will appear on the top of the intro screen in your check-in flow. A colour or black logo is best (as it sits on a white background at the top of the screen). Size: 580 x 92px
Colour Palette (for Advance): Your primary brand colour should be a bold colour that will sit well with white text (it is mainly used for buttons). Your secondary brand colour should be a lighter colour – this will be used as a background colour (behind black icons).