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Based on more than 1 million views, we suggest that you start by adding the 4 following property guides:

Heating & Air Conditioning

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The property guide screen can be a mixture of video and text guides

This is, by far, the most popular guide category as viewed by guests on our system — nearly 13% of all property guides viewed are related to this subject. It makes sense, guests want to feel comfortable before they can enjoy their stay.

I would add a written guide for how to change the temperature / speed up the hot water (including some photos, if it’s complex) and a separate video for resetting the boiler (for emergency use only, will cut down on call -outs).

TV/Entertainment Systems

This one is simple — shoot a short video showing the remote, then basic instructions on how to access each service (if the need to log in etc). Guests are often familiar with modern services (Apple TV, Netflix etc.), but it’s still useful to leave a short list of the steps they’ll need to take before they can start watching or listening to their favourite shows.

Check-Out Instructions

This one may be surprising, but it’s one of the most popular guides that guests view on the first day of their stay — planning what will happen on their last day leaves your guests feeling safe in the knowledge that there will be no unexpected surprises.

Another simple list-style guide will work well for this one. Explain what the check-out process will be for the guest; the times, instructions for how to leave the property, where to leave your keys etc.

Resetting the Router

Anyone that remembers the channel 4 series The IT Crowd will be familiar with the line:

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

But, however cliché it sounds — you’d be surprised how often this works. Your wifi router is exactly like every other piece of technology in your home; sometimes the quickest way to solve the problem is to reset the darn thing.

Your wifi details are permanently on display in the bottom-left of the screen, so add a video on about how to reset the router if it needs to be reset. Your guests will be able to access this at all times, even without a connection, as your videos are stored locally on the device.