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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is YourWelcome?

YourWelcome is a subscription service, providing a full journey guest engagement tool, from booking, to post departure, via a customisable 8 inch tablet device, pre-loaded with YourWelcome software.

The YourWelcome tablet device is synced to your property, and can be managed remotely via your dashboard portal (which can be accessed instantly), allowing you to customise the content available for your guests, and enhance their experience throughout the duration of their stay.

You can use the tablet to provide property information for your guests, reducing the number of enquiries you receive (e.g. using video guides), highlight local area recommendations (including exclusive discounts), and up-sell your own services to increase your revenue per booking.

Additionally, as part of our YourWelcome suite of property management tools, we also offer YourWelcome Advance, allowing you to verify your guests’ details, streamline your operations by personalising and automating guest communications, take advance payments, and up-sell services before your guests arrive.

How does a YourWelcome subscription work?

YourWelcome offers both 12 or 24 month recurring subscriptions. The subscription includes the tablet and software.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping worldwide (to a single destination per order) with our Pro and Enterprise Plans but a nominal shipping charge is applied on our Standard plan for each device ordered.

I am not technical, is it easy to set up?

Yes very easy. The device has only one function which is to load the YourWelcome app. The set up and maintenance is done via the dashboard – found at  – and the device has simple log in instructions to sync your property.  Further details can be found via our Tablet Quick Set Up Guide

Can I customise the device with my local recommendations?

Absolutely – YourWelcome offers recommendations and money savings offers but you know your local area so we encourage all our hosts to populate the dashboard with their tips and local favourites!

What happens at the end of my subscription?

All subscription sold by YourWelcome are on an auto-renewal basis, which means you will automatically be charged at the end of the initial subscription term for your next period.

What happens if the device is damaged by a guest?

We understand that accidents happen and we will send you a replacement device. However, if you fail to return the original tablet  you will be charged for the replacement.

I need to cancel my YourWelcome subscription

Simply email us at a minimum of 3 days prior to the end of the subscription period. The payment on your subscription will remain active within Stripe/Paypal (our payment processors) and will only be cancelled when the devices are received back to our office.

In the event you are charged again while your device is on its way back to us, if the devices are returned within the 14 – day window, we will process an immediate refund for any renewal fees taken.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel my YourWelcome subscription before it expires?

Cancelling your subscription before it expires means you’ll finish your current subscription without receiving a refund. Once the subscription expires, you must return the tablet device(s) within 14 days of your renewal date.

For regions that require refunds within the first 14 days of initial purchase (cooling off period).

If you live in a region where there is a legal obligation to issue a refund on early cancellation, you may be eligible for a refund. Eg, if you live in the EU, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days of the original purchase (the cooling off period), YourWelcome will refund the full amount on return of the device(s).

Where do I return my device once my subscription ends?

Simple – you must return the tablet device in the same condition that it was received to one of the following address:

United States

12157 W Linebaugh Ave.
Tampa, Florida

Rest of World

Fleet House
8-12 New Bridge Street
London EC4V 6AL
United Kingdom

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