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Tablet Setup

Learn how to use the features of the dashboard. Whether it’s first time setup or your day-to-day administration. These articles and videos cover it all.

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Not got time to read articles? View our video guides to get a walk through of the Tablet setup dashboard in full.

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Tablet Intro

Follow everything in this guide, your tablets will be 100% guest-ready.

4 Step Setup

To get started, simply login to your dashboard (using the details you entered when creating your account on the checkout page), and follow the steps.

Welcoming Your Guest

We’ve designed a number of features to help you welcome your guests and capture valuable contact information.

Adding a Property Guide

Based on more than 1 million views, we suggest that you start by adding the 4 following property guides.

Recording Videos

In most cases, the camera on your phone is more than adequate. Whatever you’re using to record, make sure you follow these simple steps.

Checking in Your Guests

You can capture all sorts of details; all of the entries are emailed to you as soon as they check-in, and are also stored in your online account (incase you want to download them in bulk).


In this article you will find the settings for your Tablet Surveys. To add surveys to your properties, first create them here, then create a Tablet Survey Group and assign the group to your properties.

Survey Groups

Here you can create Tablet Survey Groups, which allow you to select which surveys will be shown on your properties. You can group together any number of Tablet Surveys into a group, then apply the group to any of your properties.

Branding Guidelines

This branding guide will enable you to start customising our platform to suit your business.

Battery & Wifi

From here, you can remotely track the battery status of your tablets.


When your tablet is not in use, the screensavers listed below will rotate – these can be toggled on/off as required.


Sharing a list of local places with your guests is easy – add your favourite cafes, bars, restaurants and local amenities to your list of recommendations.

Tablet Branding

As a pro-host user, you can customise your YourWelcome tablet by changing our default colour scheme to your company’s own branding. There are multiple places that you can do this on the device, which are displayed in this article.

Terms & Conditions

– Add a new T & Cs group
– Add your content and settings
– Choose specific properties from your property list

Homescreen Banners

Banners can be particularly great way of  catching your guests attention and highlighting any services, partnerships, or discounts they can take advantage of during their stay.


YourWelcome’s Housekeeping Checklist enables you to manage your turnover process remotely. You provide a simple and easy-to-use list of tasks to your housekeeping team via the YourWelcome tablet, without relying on them to download an app on their phones.

Resetting YourWelcome Tablets

Sometimes things go wrong – and the best method to get them working again is to reset the device.

YourWelcome Tablets Cleaning Guide

In this article are our recommended guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting YourWelcome Tablets between guest stays.

Misc Settings

You can make further changes to your tablet configuration, including hiding YourWelcome’s pre-loaded content.

Setting Up & Selling Services

This guide has been written to help you enable the approvals feature on services that you have set up on the YourWelcome platform.