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Available to: All team members

The notifications section of the Tasks App can be reached by selecting this icon from the main navigation bar in the footer:

The icon will include a green dot if there are notifications that are unread. In which case it will look like this:

Notifications include 2 types, Activity and Comments. Both types can have items archived. Once archived they sit in a combined Archive page. These 3 sections are accessed from tabs across the top of the page.


The activity tab includes any action that has been performed that you initiated or an assigner initiated that includes you. Examples of activity include:

  • When a task is allocated to you
  • If a task allocated to you has a priority change status
  • When you claimed a task
  • When a cost is added (by you or your task assigner) to a task
  • When a task is marked as completed

You can choose to archive individual comments by selecting the 3 dots icon to the right of each row that looks like this:

Archiving will move the activity item to your archive tab, this can be useful if you want to keep on top of activity items and only show the items needing action.


Comments are left on a per task card basis and can be found in the ‘View / Add Comments’ option on a chosen task card). As replies to comments can come at any point (even after you have completed a task card) rather than needing to hunt through your historic tasks all comments are aggregated to here. Select this tab to see all replies to your comments:

Selecting the 3 dots on the right of a comment row will allow you to view the comment in full in the thread (task card) it was originally started on. From that page you can reply if needed.

If needed you can archive the comment to move it off your main Comments tab, this is a good way of staying on top of any open conversations and ‘closing’ a thread.


Any items that you have opted to archive will sit here. You can choose to unarchive any item by selecting the 3 dots icon and choosing to unarchive. This will put them back on the Activity or Comments tab in its date order position.

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