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Available for subscribers of:
Available to: All team members who are granted access to the Tasks App by their admins

The Tasks App helps team members view and manage their assigned tasks. Depending on what permissions you grant the app you can also receive push notifications of alerts for when new tasks are allocated to you.

The App is available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store (read more here for help on installing) however can also be used as a web-app through any mobile browser – this can then be bookmarked on a device for repeated use. Read more about how to save a web-app to your devices homescreen so it operates like your other apps in this article here.

Users of the app must first be invited to join a company by an Admin. Invited users will receive an email with a unique link for them to set their own password. The email address that was invited must be the same as the one the user inputs when creating their password. For instance, you cannot invite a user with their corporate email address (ie but then they use their personal email (ie to create the account. In that instance you should invite the personal account as the email and password are used to log in and must match the list of invited users on a company account.

The app is multilingual so the user can choose a country after log in to see everything in their preferred language. However at present the sign up flow (emails and password setting screens for new users) are all in English. For this reason you may need to assist your invited users (who are not adept at English) with setting up their accounts to the point of logging in to the app. Alternatively they can speak to one of our support team who can guide them through the password / account creation stage.

Reading these guides should ensure you’re familiar with the features of the tasks app but please get in touch if you have any other questions.

💬  If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or use our contact form here.