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More Menu


Available for subscribers of: YourWelcome Tablets,
Available to: All team members

The More menu includes profile, support and historic items. You can get to the menu by selecting the icon that looks like this from the main bottom navigation menu:


If you’re a member of multiple companies you can use the company switcher at the top to switch between company profiles. Tap the company switcher and tap again on the company profile you want to use. This will affect what information is displayed in the other tabs of the main navigation so ensure you’re on the correct company profile when using the app.


The language picker is below the company profile. We are slowly rolling out additional languages and your task assigner can choose which language to add their content in. Tap the language picker and tap again on the language you want to use.


Select the icon that looks like this to view and edit your profile:

The profile page includes the company switcher and your info. Tap the ‘Edit Profile’ button to update or edit your info:

By selecting Edit Profile you can update the following:

  • Profile Picture – tap the icon and choose an image from your camera roll or take a photograph. Bear in mind your profile picture is used throughout the YourWelcome Dashboard so all team members can see this so we recommend using a professional looking profile picture that is easily recognisable. If you do not use a profile picture your initials will be displayed against a randomly generated color.
  • Name – Update your first name and last name by tapping in the field and typing any corrections. Its likely the person who invited you inserted your name so something ‘should’ display by default.
  • Email – you cannot edit your email address as this is the unique identifier used through the dashboard. If you do need to amend it, you will need to speak to the person who invited you and they will need to invite the amended email to set up as a new user.
  • Phone number – this will be shared back as your profile number to the YourWelcome Dashboard so we recommend keeping this up to date in case any team members need to call you. Your number will only be visible to users within your company who have been granted access to view other users numbers.
  • License Plate – some companies require a vehicle license plate for parking whilst performing tasks. This feature is not always applicable but if you’ve been asked to complete it, please insert your vehicle license plate here by tapping in the field and typing your license digits.
  • Department – you cannot edit a department as this is set by your task assigner. If this is incorrect you will need to contact them to have it updated. Your department will affect which jobs are listed in the claimable section (read more about claimable tasks here) so its important this is correct if that feature is being used.
  • Password – you can tap the ‘change password’ option to amend your password (used to log in to the Tasks app).


Once a task has been completed it will move off your ‘My Tasks’ page as it is complete however you may need to refer back to it for some reason. All past completed tasks will sit in this Historic Task section. The functionality mirrors that of the ‘My Tasks’ section (read more about that here) but includes only completed tasks.


The support section will take you to the guides on this site, across the support site are articles that will guide you through all the various features but if anything isnt clear, just get in touch with one of the team and we’ll be glad to help.

💬  If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or use our contact form here.